A colorful family creation

Mathon Paris is a tale of creativity fed on colourful inspirations and genuine
values. This artistic vein cannot be separated from the house view on jewellery making. From the very beginning, Roger Mathon, founder of the workshop in 1931, was a total artist who gave inspiration a fundamental place in his life. This can explain why the House is one of the very few Parisian workshops that is still running his creation studio.
Mathon Paris shows its ethical values and its involvement for the respect of
individual by being a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.
Thus, the brand promotes responsible, social and environmental practice.
This is the story of a family business, the creations of which are now valued all
over the world.

Season after season, jewels reflect a knowing and watchful observation of nature:with poetry, sometimes with humour, the collections are composed like so many fabulous stories. Beyond trends, the house vision of aesthetic quality illustrates a universe that belongs particularly to them, with which they customers canidentify.
Over the age, men and women cultivate a well-known expertise, which they practice with extraordinary skill. Every one of them feels responsible for passing on such values. This commitment as a team is recognized by the French State through the label « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » (Living Heritage).


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