Refinement and luxury

A jewel for the Parisian House, Bermudes, is a shared adventure born from apassion of spirit and family culture for Dominique Muller, at the head of Bermudes for over 20 years, is the son and the brother of jewellers. Of this precious heritage, his curiosity and his taste for excellence makes Bermudes one of the the most sought after workshops by the Place Vendôme.
Bermudes Jewellers is synonomous of delicacy and refinement, both technical as well as esthetic.


For many years, Bermudes has won major international awards : Diamond
International Award, Tahitian Pearl Trophy, Platinum & World Gold Trophy…for the originality of his work.
Bermudes’ custom design is a specialty in trust and excellence. His unique
creations are naturally tied to a typically French elegance, thus enabling him to
expand the scope of his craft. Bermudes is the only workshop offering jewellery in silver platinum, a mysterious blue-black metal which plays with the contrast of diamonds or adds of its strentgh to character jewels.