In association with the Designer the customer becomes his own Creator


Joaillerie de France companies are used to servinh the most unusual desires. They are all equipped with facilities to res­pond with designs, estimates and modelling, to any request.
They can be asked for variations on current collections, for new creations, for remounting existing jewellery, for stones supplying, for expertise and even for designs, or for a brand new collection ordered for specific events: anniversary, celebration, wedding, special dates.

Joaillerie de France needs the client demand of the selected Brand.

As soon as one of the ten companies has the request of the customer, he will make the response according to all his personalized requirements.
The customer will then obtain colour rendering paintings, 3D computerized drawings, estimates, stones proposals…
It is the mission of this Collective Brand, and its pride too: Being able to satisfy and serve all the customer’s desires.